Customer Support

We’re constantly refining the app to ensure the best user experience. Please let us know if you experience any issues via email:

Mapi can be easily installed via Shopify App Market.
* Go to our app’s link:
* Click “Add app” button (you might be asked to login if you have not logged in to your Shopify account yet)
* You’ll be directed to your store > Click “Install app” button.
* Done.

After successfully installing Mapi, it will appear in your app list in Shopify admin.

No coding require.

1. The app doesn't use any BLOCK which you need to activate manually.

2. For configuring the app or locations use only the app UI.

3. The app automatically injects "JavaScript" into your theme "</head>" tag which is automatically removed after uninstalling the app.

When your customers visit the page, if they allow, the app automatically check their IP address and show the closest stores to the address.
If there is no store within a set distance, the app will show Default stores.
If you want to show all your stores by default, go to App > Stores and switch on "is Default" for each store.
Go to App > Stores and switch on "is Default" for each store.
Go to App > Settings and check the option "Disable GeoIP Checking" and click Save.
Our goal is to help you feature your stores to your audience as easy as possible using open source technology, intuitive interface and one-click installation.
Yes, you can! Although the app icon will remain the same, you can change all of the colors for the button and pop-up window options.
Mapi uses Shopify's ScriptTag to integrate the JavaScript into your storefront. The app does not create or edit any liquid or script in your store. After Uninstalling Mapi, the ScriptTag will be automatically removed from the storefront.
Mapi stores all your uploaded images into your store theme assets folder. This means, when you change your store theme, you will need to re-upload the images.
NOTE: Please don't delete the images from assets folder starting from lim_ while using our app.
By default, the app stays on your storefront as a button which pops-up with the map and stores list. If you want to display Mapi without pop-up or you want to integrate it into some page, just turn OFF pop-up status and use embedding code.
Good question! Remove Mapi from your app list on Shopify Admin panel any time before the 7 days are up to avoid starting a monthly subscription.
To completely remove Mapi app from your store, please follow these steps:

1. Visit your Shopify admin page -> Apps page and delete the Mapi app there.

2. If you completed the steps to increase your app's loading speed, then also delete the integrated JAVASCRIPT which may still be in your "Layout/theme.liquid" file before the "</head>" tag.